Honk, Honk!

I find it so fascinating that a certain sound or smell can trigger a memory that is so incredibly vivid in your mind. This happened to me the other day. As I was walking through the streets of downtown Phoenix in between classes, I heard a honk from a car. Why might that trigger a memory? Well, about one year ago, I visited Cairo, Egypt. If you've ever been, or have heard from anyone that has, you'll know that the streets are jam packed with cars. Literally, there is about two inches between each car on the road. And with a traffic jam comes continuous honking. I don't think I ever experienced a moment of silence more than three seconds long. Just when I thought Cairo just might've been still for a moment, BAM there was a honk. And then ten more. It was kind of hard not to go a bit crazy. But while in Egypt, my trip leader encouraged us, that every time we heard a honk while we were back home, we'd be reminded to pray for Egypt. So, while walking through the, mostly, calm streets of Phoenix, I heard the honk and was immediately brought back to Cairo. It put a smile on my face for a minute, but then it caused my heart and spirit to travel to Egypt and pray for the nation. To pray for peace during the upheaval that's happening now. To pray for the Egyptian Christians who face persecution. And to pray for peace amidst the crazy traffic jams and honking. I can imagine how stressful it can be to live in that kind of environment every day. For a glimpse, watch the video below.

Warning: If you watch this video for more than 10 seconds, you might go crazy.

Note the people crossing the street. Remind you of the game Frogger?