Hey there. My name is Tara; T for short. What's the purpose of this blog? Well, I love to travel, so why not write about it? I want to share my experiences, opinions, desires, etc. regarding travel. Maybe I'll write reviews about certain cities, restaurants, or cultures. Maybe I'll find local nooks and crannies in different areas and make recommendations for you. Maybe I'll just list off things I've learned about a new city, state, or country. Or maybe I'll just spill out my desires of where I'm dying to go next. I'll do whatever comes out of this little head of mine and hope that you'll enjoy it. Again, the point is, I love to travel. And I'm gonna write about it. Plain and simple. I am going to school for a major in Tourism, so why not start here and see where it goes? I may fail at this blog. Or I may flourish. We'll just have to see. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.